Author: Pramada Shah
On a recent visit to Tiger Tops Elephant Camp, we were thrilled to see elephants in free corals instead of them being chained up as all others resort do. Walking with elephants instead of riding them was the most amazing experience of my life. Encountering rhinos while walking with the elephants was the highlight of our trip. I can guarantee that walking with elephants is a far superior experience than riding them. Animal Nepal is extremely pleased that the Tiger Tops is being a responsible tour operator that promotes no contact tourism for the first time in the history of Nepal. You have always been pioneers of ecotourism and excellent service and I really appreciate you promoting responsible tourism where elephants are treated humanely. Thank you very much. Pramada Shah President, Animal Nepal.
Author: Sharon Santoni
I have been lucky to travel wide and far over the years, but my stay at Tiger Tops with my husband during the 1989 Polo Tournament still stands out as a very bright highlight. Besides the good food, great company and of course Jim's incredible charm, I remember thinking what a privilege it was to experience life at the Lodge and also at Tharu. I'm so glad to know that it is still a family affair and going strong. Jim would be so proud best to you all Sharon
Author: Janet Shaw Greiling
Having my home nearly burn to the ground two weeks ago I recovered a box of old letters and such taking me back to my first trip to India and Nepal when I was just 14. Travelling with Lute Jerstad and staying at Tiger Tops in March 1981 meeting Jim Edwards and having dinner at his house with Sir Edmond Hillary all those years ago. I remember my time both at Karnali and Tharu with the fondest of memories. From sneaking out silently to the tiger blinds at night, to dropping my sweater on elephant back in the jungle only to have my elephant retrieve it later! I remember the deep, soft feather twin beds at Tharu and the washing of the elephants while feeding them their daily vitamin "pill pack".I hope to return soon with my son as he graduates from college next year to revisit this treasured place.
Author: Hewat
We were extremely well looked after. The Lodge is very comfortable and well appointed, the food is delicious and varied. There is plenty to do and see in the grounds and we had a most enjoyable and restful stay. We were visiting Bardia National park and had the fun of seeing part of the Elephant Polo championships. Like the philosophy of the place, putting something back into the community.
Author: Ann Irish
Delighted to see that Tiger Tops, and everything it stands for, is still going strong. I had the unexpected pleasure of of staying way back in the early days - 1979. My planned flight to Lukla was cancelled due to bad weather, but the little plane at the airport was heading down to the Terai - I took it. Since that year, I have travelled, and lived, in many continents, and seen many different cultures, peoples and animals, but I will never forget the wonder of my night at the Tiger Tops lodge, meeting Chuck, and my 2 nights at the tented camp -where we saw the tiger. One of life's great memories, going through the jungle in the dark, I could actually hear my heart beat as I stood in the hide! Long may you thrive. Best wishes to all.

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