Being in and at one with nature is something that children in this day and age seldom experience. An intimate escape to Nepal’s National Parks, immersed in the sights and sounds of the jungle, is a stimulating and often awakening experience for children of all ages. After arriving at one of our Lodges, Tiger Tops staff will take care of all the activity planning to ensure you get to relax too.

Spending a day with the elephants is a unique life experience like no other. Guided by an expert naturalist, start your day with an elephant safari, keeping watch for a host of jungle animals including tigers, leopards and rhinos. After returning to the Lodge, help the elephant keepers feed the hungry herd a feast of bananas, branches and grass. Children are in awe during elephant bathing where we take the herd to a nearby river. While washing, scrubbing and rinsing the elephants, children and guests can be in the water for an intimate interaction with these gentle giants.