Everyone knows that Nepal has some of the world’s best trekking and river-rafting, but our visitors are often surprised by the range of activities in the jungle, so we thought we’d tempt you with a little taster of what’s on offer:




A boating expedition down the Narayani River is gently soothing and a feast for the eyes. The wide expanse of river flows hypnotically and surprisingly quickly with little patches of rapids and gentle waves lapping against our hand-carved vessels.

Keep your eyes peeled for a wide variety of birdlife as well as the endangered fish-eating Gharial crocodile and its more sinister relative, the Marsh-mugger. With the National Park on one side of the bank and village-life on the other, you’ll also get a chance to watch the local fisherman  as they skillfully and bravely go about their daily work.

>> Available at Jungle Lodge and Tharu Lodge




You might have heard us boasting about our expert naturalists and we really do consider ourselves lucky to have some of the best in the business! In their company, you’ll be offered the chance to head out into the jungle twice daily either on elephant back, on foot, or in one of our lovingly restored open-top landrovers.

Although we can never guarantee sightings of specific animals or birds, we are confident you will be in with the best chance of spotting the great one-horned rhino, leopard, Bengal tiger, sambar deer and sloth bear to name a few. And regardless of animal sightings, there is something magically peaceful and tranquil about a safari journey – the opportunity to be at one with nature, surrounded by beautiful scenery is hard to beat.
>> Available at Jungle Lodge, Tented Camp and Karnali Lodge



Elephants are incredible animals and we’re extremely proud of the ones that live with us. During your stay, not only will you get to ride them, but you’ll learn about their complex, human-like relationships with each other and with their mahouts (grooms). You’ll also get the chance to help out with the daily routine of bathing and feeding. This interaction is a unique experience and a guaranteed highlight.
>> Available at Jungle Lodge and Karnali Lodge




In the company of an expert naturalist, Nepal’s staggering variety of birdlife will be brought to life for you. We’ve produced a list of birds for you to tick off as you go.  And you’ll learn to recognise specific songs and alarm calls, as well as developing an insight into how birds contribute to this extraordinary eco-system.
>> Available at Jungle Lodge, Tented Camp, Tharu Lodge and Karnali Lodge