September 11th 2012

Very few of us are as well acquainted with elephants as Kristjan and Tim Edwards, the two brothers of Nepal’s pioneer eco-tourism company, Tiger Tops. When us ordinary folk have the opportunity to do something extraordinary and follow Tim’s journey as he moves three elephants from Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge to Kanarli Lodge, you come on board expecting the unexpected. But when four beautiful elephants enter your life, it becomes apparent that your understanding of nature, conservation, oneself and ones place in the world, will never be the same again.

May 8th 2012

As the season change so does our menu here at Tiger Tops. We are very lucky to have an organic kitchen garden at our Tharu property so once every two days the freshest of vegetables get boated up to us here at Tiger Tops Jungle lodge. At the moment it is the perfect time for […]