November 6th 2012

Early in October our three resident elephants from the Jungle Lodge made it home. After a three week journey across the hills and plains of the Terai, encountering torrential monsoon rain, road closures and the warm welcome of villages, Ram Kali, Chan Chun Kali and Champa Kali have settled into life at Karnali Lodge. After […]

September 12th 2012

The morning began early at 3am, as it will for the next three weeks, to ensure the elephants are moved in maximum safety and comfort. Danbar, one of Tiger Tops longest working naturalists, explained how this enables the elephants to escape the heat and the traffic, while giving them time enough to rest, feed and […]

September 11th 2012

Very few of us are as well acquainted with elephants as Kristjan and Tim Edwards, the two brothers of Nepal’s pioneer eco-tourism company, Tiger Tops. When us ordinary folk have the opportunity to do something extraordinary and follow Tim’s journey as he moves three elephants from Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge to Kanarli Lodge, you come on board expecting the unexpected. But when four beautiful elephants enter your life, it becomes apparent that your understanding of nature, conservation, oneself and ones place in the world, will never be the same again.