December 7th 2012

For the last ten days, Tiger Tops has played host to the incredibly talented documentary makers from Encompass Films who were in town to follow the story of the 31st World Elephant Polo Championships. Renowned for their quirky insights and people-centric approach to storytelling, it was a treat to watch Nadia, Dominic and Bashir craft […]

November 30th 2012

It was a clear crisp morning, there was a cool breeze in the air, and the distant mountains were silhouetted against the winter Terai skies. The sun was out early and the polo field was set for a day of close finals tussles – and it really was anyone’s game! The Pukka Chukkas and Rusty […]

November 29th 2012

It was a game of upsets and triumph on day four of the World Elephant Polo Championships. The division two teams battled it out in the morning, determining who would go through to the Olympic Quaiche, while the seasoned professionals took to the field in the afternoon, playing for a spot in the WEPA final. […]

November 27th 2012

Competition intensified on day two of the World Elephant Polo Championships, with four low scoring matches but thrilling nailing biting finishes. After yesterday’s warm-up, players are more confident maneuvering their elephants, bringing skill and precision to the sport. The polo field was glistening with morning dew as the first two teams, the Afghanifants and Rusty […]

November 26th 2012

As the sun crept its way over the jungle top, local kids gathered at one corner of the field watching with curiosity as the 31st World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) Championships began at Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge. The tournament was off to a flying start at 8am as the reining champions, EFG Switzerland, took on […]