RAM DIN MAHATO // Chief naturalist

Ram Din followed a boyhood dream and his father’s footsteps to become a naturalist at Tiger Tops, where he has now been for 22 years.

A third generation naturalist, Ram Din has a world class knowledge of Nepal’s wildlife and has a particular passion for all things Flora and Fauna. In an effort to gain ever closer access to the jungle plants, he likes to spend as much time as possible on foot in the jungle.

“Tiger Tops was where I always dreamed of working – I had heard of Jim Edwards and Chuck Mcdougal’s passion for conservation and they seemed to be doing the right thing at Tiger Tops. I am constantly learning here whether through guests or through staff. Each day I study books and walk in the jungle, gathering information. I am particularly interested in herbal medicine, my love of which stemmed from my father and in turn from his father. I am now keeping up the family tradition and teaching my grandson. We are lucky we have every thing we could want here at Tiger Tops: wonderful colleagues and quite simply the best wildlife in Chitwan. We are all working towards the same goal and we work with passion.”