Since its inception, Tiger Tops has valued and practiced organic farming and cooking. In recent years we have expanded this interest and are now launching the Tiger Tops Food Concept – healthy, fresh and delicious meals that compliment your experience in the Tiger Tops wilderness.




Being Organic

Being organic is an integral component of Tiger Tops sustainable approach to tourism and management. Being at one with nature also involves cultivating the land in a way that maintains ecological balance. The result is a bountiful harvest of fresh, purely organic and flavorsome produce.   In the kitchen our chefs create simple, but mouthwatering wholesome meals that are good for both your body and soul. By eliminating wheat, white rice and sugar from the menu, our food itself will have a rejuvenating effect to complement your stay with Tiger Tops. Enjoy fresh salad, yogurt, breads, homemade jams and herbal teas, along with mouthwatering mains.   In time, as the gardens grow and mature, guests can wander maze of plants and observe which herbs are planted with vegetables to act as a natural pesticide, learn about the rotation of seasonal produce and watch the chefs as they create their culinary masterpieces.  

By growing and sourcing fresh produce, Tiger Tops food is both organic and sustainable. We hope you will enjoy your Tiger Tops food experience as much as we enjoy delivering it to you.