Nepal’s Rhododendrons

The months of March and April are perfect for trekking in the Rhododendron forests of Nepal. The Rhododendron forests offer a fairy tale like trek dotted with flowers in the hues of white, purple, pink and red. Weather permitting; the forests will have breath taking snowcapped mountains as backdrop.

Nepal offers completely unspoiled routes for the travelers who want to take the trails less trodden. The paths are empty except for meeting the occasional yaks, woodcutters and herders. Camp is set where there is a beautiful spot. Mountain Travel’s expert Sardars, the likes of Ang Pempa Sherpa who has reached Everest’s Summit will guide you along the way. They will make sure you are well looked after – while walking during the day and at the tented camp at night.

This time of year, where the temperature is rising in Nepal before the arrival of the monsoon, the area around Charikot and Kalinchowk towards Tibet offers beautiful and cool trekking. All the photos in this blog are from a trek last week in this area.

Stine Edwards