Mongol might defeats Tigresses’ roar

Chuluunbaatar Urtnasan, known as Chuuka, teamed with Dovchin Tseveldorj, Battur Tseveldorj and Endkhdul Jumdaan, was far and away the tournament’s highest scorer, followed by Tigresses Polo’s Samantha Prentice who knocked in 19 goals thanks to her superior tackling and hitting skills, and tournament patron Kristjan Edwards who scored 13 goals for the Tiger Tops Tuskers.

The Mongolian, a regular player of conventional polo supported by Ghengis Khan patron Christopher Giercke, was a shoe-in for the EFG International Most Valuable Player as there was certainly no one from the eight teams that made the trip to Karnali, Western Nepal, this year to rival his strength and agility on the pitch.


 Genghis Khan made their intentions clear from day one when they took apart the defence of the ex-Gurkha outfit, the Rusty Kukris with a 14-6 win, although the Kukris’ Chris Darby and Tristan Forster set about securing their spots in the tournament’s top ten scorers slotting in goals either side of the break between chukkas. The scene was set for the Mongolian onslaught when Chuuka fought fiercely against a spirited defence by Forster to take his 12th and final goal of the match in the dying seconds.

The next day, it was the turn of the Tigresses, who had enjoyed a 17-2 win in their tournament opener, to take on the Mongols and although the match ended in defeat for the ladies team, they showed themselves a force to be reckoned with a respectable 9-5 score. The ladies conceded seven goals to the Mongolians but fought back with a goal from Sam Prentice and efficient defence by Carolyn Syangbo causing Chuuka to hit wide on one occasion.

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