Tiger Tops is home to 14 domestic Elephants, 6 are currently based at Karnali lodge with the remainder down at Tharu lodge. The Elephants are the talking point of the jungle, they are looked after with the utmost care and without the lodges would not have quite the same charm. During your stay with us, you will have a chance to interact, bath and get to know each and every Elephant. There are a number of characters amongst the herd, individual by their own right and extremely entertaining to be around, have a look at some of the residents below.


Hira Kali

Hira Kali loves interacting with both people and other elephants. As the largest and most dominate ele in the herd, 40 year old Hira Kali stands at a towering 9ft and weighs in at 3.5 tons. In 2007 Hira Kali gave birth to Sandra and they now live together at Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge.

Phanit: Ratia Bote
Pachhuwa: Sante Kumal


Gulab Kali

Gulab Kali is the loveable grandma of the elephant herd. The affable 45 year old is friendly to all those she encounters – people, elephants and baby elephants. This has made her a prominent star on the World Elephant Polo Field where she displays good sportsmanship throughout the matches. She has not given birth to any baby elephants.

Phanit: Bikran Mahato
Pachhuwa: Jan Bdr. Kumal


Bhrikuti Kali

Bhrikuti Kali is the true graceful old lady among the herd. Weighing in at just 8 ft and 2.5 tons, her small 1ft tusk ensures she stands her ground. Bhrikuti enjoys the company of her fellow elephants and dedicated mahouts, but is still a little cautious around new people. Bhrikuti also enjoys the odd spot of elephant polo.

Phanit: Mangal Ram Tharu
Pachhuwa: Dhanbir Tharu


Sandra Kali

Young, light and full of energy, Sandra Kali is the newest edition to the Tiger Tops family. Born in 2006 at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge to Hira Kali, Sandra Kali is adored by all those she comes into contact with. Sandra Kali is currently receiving training at the Khorshor Gvt. elephant stable and is making splendid progress. With boundless youthful energy Sandra Kali is the champion of the elephant polo field – what she lacks in height she makes up for in enthusiasm!

Phanit: Nabin Mahato
Pachhuwa: Dilip Mahato


Pawan Kali

Middle-aged Pawan Kali enjoys time to herself. Like all elephants she has a close bond with her mahouts, but prefers not to socialize so much with other elephants and people. Pawan Kali enjoys elephant polo and always remains on high alert. She has not given birth to any baby elephants.

Phanit: Indra Thapa
Pachhuwa: Jeet Ram Mahato


Sita Kali

Sita Kali wants to be everybody’s friend – she is personable, easily excited and enjoys hanging out with other elephants and people. Sita Kali is very maternal and is protective of baby elephant Sandra Kali. Being a little smaller than the other adults, weighing in at 2.5 tons and 7ft, Sita Kali moves with ease around the jungle and elephant polo field.

Phanit: Ratna Mahato
Pachhuwa: Kishwar Tharu


Sona Kali

Sona Kali is a fit 30 year old, friendly towards other elephants, the mahouts and guests. Being 8ft and 2 tons, she a lean elephant that moves with a little more spring in her step. She enjoys jungle walks, elephant polo and has lots to look forward to as she enters the later years of adulthood.

Phaint: Hit Lal Mahato
Pachhuwa: Udha Ram Tharu


Sunder Kali

Sunder Kali is much like Pawan Kali in that she enjoys her own company. Throughout her 45 years, Sunder Kali has been a quiet observer in the elephant camp. She is quick to learn new skills and enjoys elephant polo.

Phanit: Churamani Mahato
Pachhuwa: Somal Bote