Karnali is an intimate lodge with ultra personal service and expert guiding. We’ve created a calming, soothing retreat with a focus on fresh organic produce.

Bardia National Park is a world away from the chaotic hustle of Kathmandu. An area of extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife, a visit to Karnali Lodge is a journey of adventure and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.



With Nine newly decorated rooms each with an adjoining bathroom, Karnali Lodge is the epitome of comfort with a focus on privacy and calm. The rooms, designed to minimize their impact on the environment, are adorned in soft natural colours and fabrics. As part of our commitment to responsible tourism, Karnali Lodge runs almost entirely on solar energy.


Karnali Lodge specializes in creating sumptuous meals from only the freshest and most local ingredients. For 10 years Karnali has been cultivating and expanding it’s organic vegetable farm. Today the Lodge is close to self sufficient, providing an abundant array of fresh fruit and vegetables for guests to enjoy. The Tiger Tops food concept emphasizes dining as part of your experience at our lodges – fresh, healthy and delicious.



Karnali Lodge is an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and unwind in the peacefulness of a country escape. Accompanied by one of our expert naturalists, explore the park on foot, or head out by jeep to river put in point to experience the ultimate river safari. Keep an eye out for an Asiatic elephant, the mighty tiger or a svelte leopard. Or choose to unwind in a sunny spot at the Lodge garden, taking in nature as it moves around you. Curl up with a good book and cool drink, and idle the day away. Karnali Lodge has eight resident elephants, giving you the opportunity to bath and learn just what is required for domestic keeping.