Despite fast flowing rivers and large lakes all across the country, Nepal is underrepresented for sport fishing. Yet, more than 118 varieties of fresh water fish are found in the Himalayan waters. These include the much sought after Golden Mahseer in the Far West, and varieties of trout found lurking in mountain streams.



The Golden Mahseer

The Golden Mahseer (Barbus tor putitora), once abundant across the Subcontinent, is now mainly found along the Indian Himalaya. As a fresh water migratory species, the Maheer requires large and highly oxygenated rivers to survive. Every year, at the start of the monsoon rains, they head up river to spawn. A highly aggressive feeder, the Golden Mahseer has been recorded to reach over 100lbs (50kgs), and is considered the great sporting fish of the Indian Subcontinent. Make a catch by either bait or spoon, although they have even been known to come to a fly.   Tiger Tops specializes in Mahseer fishing in far west Nepal either from Karnali Lodge at Bardia National Park, or through dedicated expeditions with Tiger Tops Himalayan River Exploration, Nepal’s pioneer river rafting company. As a conservation orientated company, we operate a strictly catch and release policy.   The best time for fishing is post monsoon October-November and pre-monsoon February-April as the ice melts and raises water levels.