Encompassing Elephants

For the last ten days, Tiger Tops has played host to the incredibly talented documentary makers from Encompass Films who were in town to follow the story of the 31st World Elephant Polo Championships. Renowned for their quirky insights and people-centric approach to storytelling, it was a treat to watch Nadia, Dominic and Bashir craft a tale about the humble grey giants of the elephant polo field.

The idea to shoot a short film about the daily life of elephants and elephant polo continues to weave the Encompass Film narrative of adventure and art. After the commercial success of the ‘Take a Seat’ project, the story of Dominic riding his tandem bike around the world, the elephant polo project is an opportunity for the team to create a visually enthralling piece with creativity at its core, telling a story unique to both Nepal and Tiger Tops.

The crew worked non-stop for the six days of elephant polo, capturing those moments that say it all; from sunrise at the elephant camp, to go-pro cameras strapped to polo sticks, exploring the surrounding villages and taking a jungle safari; to sunset over the Karnali River, the evening campfire and the blanket of stars that covered the jungle night.

The short film will be entered into film festivals around the world, including Nepal’s very own Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. We are very excited to see the outcome in February 2013 and would like to thank Encompass Films for their hard work and vision. In the meantime, check out some of Encompass Films’ other projects on their website, and the Dominic Grill Showreel on Vimeo.

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