At Tharu Lodge and the Elephant Camp, you can experience the life of mahouts and elephants, and immerse in their daily rhythm as they go about their activities.

A day with elephants

Prepare to get up early and follow the elephants to the grass-lands, where the mahouts cut and collect the grass for the elephants to eat during the day. This is a very beautiful experience and varies a lot over the different seasons. Mornings are often misty, and to see the elephants move through the grass is a truly magnificent sight. You may also learn the grass-cutting and binding techniques from the mahouts.

Back in the camp or at the lodge a hearty breakfast will be waiting. You can spend the rest of the morning with the mahouts learning how to make kuchis, hanging around and enjoying watching the elephants in the corrals, or follow any activity the mahouts may have planned for the morning. Lunch will be ready around noon, and you might wish to relax and be lazy just like the elephants during the hot midday hours.

In the late afternoon, when the temperature is pleasant, go for a walk in the jungle with the elephants and their mahouts. On the way, our naturalist will show and tell you about wildlife and vegetation as you move through jungle, grassland, and wetland with the elephants. You will most likely encounter tiger tracks, deer, various species of birds, and maybe a rhino or two, depending on the route.

Another beautiful afternoon activity is to follow the elephants to the Narayani River, where they go to cool down and to drink. While you dip your feet or enjoy your afternoon tea on the riverbank, you can enjoy watching the mahouts scrub the elephants, and the elephants play around in the water. From late November till March the water will be too cold for the elephants for swimming.

After dinner and a relaxing evening, let the mahouts show you the elephants sleeping inside the corrals. You must make sure to be very quiet, so as not to disturb them.