As our guest, you will be surrounded by elephants living chain-free in spacious, naturalistic corrals and be immersed in the elephants’ daily life from sun up to sun down. Even after dark the elephants’ presence will be felt as their verbal and infrasonic communications fill the night air.

The activities at the Elephant Camp follow the daily routine of the elephants. They may appear similar from day to day, but they are never repetitive or boring– there is always more to learn and see from each elephant, and they are extremely entertaining to be around.

A day at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp

Prepare to get up early and follow the elephants to the grass-lands, where the mahouts cut and collect the grass for the elephants to eat during the day. While watching the beautiful sight of the elephants grazing in the morning mist, you will be treated to a steaming cup of traditional Nepali tea to celebrate the occasion. You may also learn the grass-cutting and binding techniques from the mahouts. After breakfast you will spend the rest of the morning with the mahouts learning how to make kuchis, and hang around the elephant corrals. Lunch will be ready around noon, and you might wish to relax and be lazy just like the elephants during the hot midday hours. In the late afternoon, when the temperature is pleasant, go for a walk in the jungle with the elephants and their mahouts. You will be walking alongside the elephants, watching how they move, what they eat, and listening to their communication, rumbling and trumpeting. On the way, our naturalist will show and tell you about the surrounding eco-system as you move through jungle, grassland, and wetland with the elephants. You will most likely encounter tiger tracks, deer, various species of birds, and maybe a rhino or two, depending on the route.

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