CNT image of TT elephants

Condé Nast Traveller visits Tiger Tops and Chitwan National Park on Epic Adventures

Condé Nast Editor at Large, Steve King, captures the essence of Chitwan as well as Tiger Tops in his article on epic adventures in Nepal.

Tharu is the younger sibling of the original Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge. It has an endearing, unpretentious, old-school charm: low-slung whitewashed bungalows radiating from a central mess area, a scattering of tents. Many of the staff have worked here for decades, the battered fleet of bottle-green Land-Rovers even longer. Slickness, shine and polish are not the point. As its owner, Kristjan Edwards, whose father Jim founded the first Tiger Tops, put it to me, ‘The jungle is the product.”

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