Two weeks ago our naturalists organised their own trip to Koshi Wildlife Resevre 300km from our Tharu Village Lodge. Many of them had visited there before but this time they returned with a specific purpose, bird watching.     Our team of naturalists are passionate about every species found in Chitwan National Park, each of […]

Lying within the Shivapuri National Park, north of the valley is Shivpuri at 2,760m. From here, fine views can be had of Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli, Manaslu and Langtang range. The entire hill is thickly forested and enjoys a rich flora and fauna. The four-hour hike begins at Budanilkanta. Camp overnight (remember to carry water) and rise early to catch the sunrise. On the way back, climb down to Baghdwar, source of the holy Bagmati, and stop for lunch at Nagi Gompa, after which Budanilkanta is only a short walk back. Shivapuri is known for its butterflies.

The City of arts and architecture founded in 250 A.D. is also known as Lalitpur. It is renowned for its fine works in bronze, silver and copper. Visit the Durbar Square, Royal Baths, Mahaboudha, Krishna Mandir and Hiranya Verna Mahabihar (the Golden Temple). A visit to the new Patan Museum is a must. The museum faces Durbar Square and is housed in a beautifully restored and renovated former Malla residential palace. The collection spans much of Nepal’s cultural history, primarily exhibiting exquisite sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities, typical of Patan’s tradition in craftsmanship.

best elephant

When interviewed Sona Kali said through her Mahout Hitlal that for her the “best thing about elephant polo is that she gets to hang out with her friends all week.”

James Manclark’s

The 33rd edition of the World Elephant Polo Championships saw the sport’s co-founder and seven time-winner of time that he’s retired from the game and such sceptism surrounded his announcement that his boots were taken for safe-keeping rather than being taken for safe-keeping rather than being ceremonially cremated. But, regardless whether James Manclark had played his last elephant polo mathch or not his story is one of the legends. A tale of derring-do of one of polo’s greats.


Got a pith helmet? If not why not? Want to be part of arguably the most exclusive sport in the world? One of an elite group of sportsmen and women who contest the ultimate heavyweight sport? Of course you do.

Jeep safari

Samantha Prentice scored 27 goals and secured first place victory at the games in Nepal

Elephant polo has similar rules to the original game but instead of horses sees players ride elephants

She and her husband both play the game and she said it had been ‘sweet’ to secure a win over her former world champion partner


Author Suzan Crane explores a pristine corner of Nepal in search of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. It’s been several hours and we remain camouflaged under a thick forest canopy on the banks of the Karnali river in western Nepal’s remote Royal Bardia National Park. But for the melodious chatter of the area’s prolific birdlife of nearly 500 species, we’re enveloped by a symphony of….

LEGENDS Saraswati

At the 2013 World Elephant Polo Championships a star was born. Sandra Kali emerged as possibly the best elephant ever to step onto a polo field. The seven year old pachcyderm, who stands about 17hh, proved herself the ultimate game changer. Coveted by every team and adored by all who played on her, Sandra Kali established herself as a superstar, ultimately winning the Equestrio Best Playing Elephant Award. Her story is one of talent nurtured from birth that is a celebration of elephant polo and all involved in the sport. Sandra Kali was quite literally born to play polo.