• CNT image of TT elephants
    November 16th 2017
  • WL180 News
    October 15th 2017
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    June 13th 2017
  • Charles McDougal
    May 23rd 2016

    Charles McDougal was a tiger ecologist who pioneered wildlife tourism in Nepal.

  • sustainable tourism
    January 27th 2015

    Tiger Tops has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism since its establishment in 1964. Tiger Tops has created its own program for nature conservation, education, health and welfare.

  • leonardo-dicaprio
    September 4th 2013
  • An incredible Journey
    July 1st 2013

    So inspired was he by the experience of documenting the incredible journey of three elephants and their mahouts over the varied landscape of Nepal, “a few photographs” became the basis for a feature film and a London photography exhibition.

    Like so many of the best stories, the film Mahout, The Great Elephant Walk, started with the meeting of two friends, James Dartnall and Tim Edwards, son of the late AV Jim Edwards, the founder of Pioneering eco-tourism business Tiger Tops and co-founder of the sport of elephant polo. […]

  • Himalaya
    April 15th 2013

    It was one of those dreary days when my email inbox brought nothing but pressure selling and questionable products…when suddenly my world was brighter…“Congratulations! You have won the Himalaya magazines wildlife safari competition!” With a smile on my face bigger than a child’s on Christmas morning I immediately contacted my daughter Roxanne to ask her […]

  • Boersen
    January 25th 2011

    Hør engang, jeg har elefanter, og du spiller polo. Hvorfor kombinerer vi ikke de to ting?” Bemærkningen fra Jim Edwards, grundlægger af Tiger Tops Karnali Logde i Nepal med egen elefantbestand, var egentlig bare fremført sådan lidt henkastet til vennen James Manclark over en drink på en bar i St. Moritz i Schweiz i starten af 1980’erne. Så det gjorde de to sportselskende venner – og fremragende polospillere. Etablerede polospillet fra ryggen af en elefant, så det i dag i bogstaveligste forstand er den største sportsgren i verden. I starten brugte man […]

  • TheTigerTopsStory
    January 16th 2010

    The Tiger Tops Story is an intimate insight into the foundation of Nepal’s first and oldest eco tourism company, written by one of its earliest employees from 1974. To many, the Tiger Tops Story reads like fiction – two Texan oil millionaires, the old Royal Rana families hunting ground, a modest endeavor to begin tourism operations in the middle of the Chitwan jungle, demand outstripping supply, and the handover to the ever eloquent and perpetually intrepid Jim Edwards who catapulted the company to be the best high-end eco tourist resort that it is today. The modern fable evolves into one conservation and tourism, a legacy that the Edwards family and Tiger Tops staff continues to strive for.[…]

  • Jimmy Roberts History
    March 16th 1964

    Charming, brash and truly insightful, this article written by Col. Jimmy Roberts, details his experience as the founder of Mountain Travel, the first trekking company in Nepal that began operations in 1964. Roberts candidly explains early expeditions in India and Tibet as a young Gurkha Officer in the British Army stationed on the Subcontinent. From there, this passion for mountaineering grew to near obsession, until he was finally allowed into Nepal 1950 for a joint expedition in the Annapurna Ranges. That decade, described as the “golden age of climbing and exploration in Nepal” affirmed Robert’s passion for the mountains, and the rest is, well, history.[…]