Jayaram Kumal

Jayaram has been a driver and a mechanic for Tiger Tops for 9 years. His main job is to maintain the vehicles and take the guests for jeep safaris. He has several times seen a tiger during the safaris – in 2014 he saw the tiger four times from the jeep. He enjoys the job and the excellent sightings during the rides.

Hom Bahadur Mahato

Hom is the head cook at Tharu Lodge. He worked for 3 years at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge and since for 15 years at Tharu. He especially enjoys the BBQ’s at big events and celebrations like new year and Christmas.

Bhagirath Chaudhary

Bhagirath is a naturalist and is in charge of operations at Tharu Lodge. He organizes logistics and all activities with the guests. The best part of the job is sharing all the jungle experiences with the guests and the birdwatching according to Bhagirath. One of his most memorable experiences with Tiger Tops was learning about biodiversity and National Park Management at the 1-month International Visitor Leadership Program, which was held in the US. Bhagirath recently visited Sri Lanka for a training and exchange program, which was another great experience.

Narayan Mahato

Narayam is the Community Medical Assistant as well as store keeper at Tharu Lodge. He has been with Tiger Tops for 8 years, and once per month he gives free medical service to the locals at Tiger Tops’ clinic. He also helps the guests in case they are in need of medical care.

Shambhu Mahato

Shambhu started as a steward with Tiger Tops for five years, and through his interest in wildlife he eventually became a naturalist, which has been his job for six years. Shambhu has been with Tiger Tops for 11 years. For him, the best part of his job is to guide the guests to the best wildlife experience. He also enjoys to help managing the lodge and looking after the property.

Dhan Bahadur Chaudhary

DB is an expert in jungle wildlife and conservation, but in particular he loves talking about the birds of the jungle. He is very much involved with local conservation, including the first community managed vulture restaurant in the world, an idea that BD came up with himself. DB is the first manager of the lodge who comes from the local Tharu community, where he engages in social work. He looks after the Tiger Tops Swiss Air school for underprivileged children and organizes local clean-ups of the villages and jungle surrounding the lodge.

Udhia Mahato

Udhia is assistant in charge of the elephant camp. Before working with the elephants, he was a cook with Tiger Tops for 10 years. He has been with Tiger Tops for 28 years. He prefers working with the elephants and looking after the guests when on safari. Every year he drives his elephant for elephant polo. He has been working with elephant Dipendra Kali for 14 years and before that, he worked with Pawan Kali for 4 years. Udhia also enjoys helping out with any tasks at the lodge when needed.