Porters’ Protection Scheme

Mountain Travel Nepal was one of the founders of the Porters’ Protection Scheme to ensure fair service to trek porters. Today it continues its active involvement to ensure their welfare.

Technical and Financial Assistance

Technical and financial assistance is continually provided to women’s groups and youth clubs in the areas surrounding all Tiger Tops Lodges. Tiger Tops have also assisted with road building inside the National Parks and within communities. Assistance has also been delivered to different irrigation projects. Tharu Lodge particularly has installed hand pumps for clean drinking water and hygienic toilet facilities for school children.


Workshops on Social Issues

Karnali Lodge regularly engages the community in workshops to address and discuss pertinent social issues. Topics covered include poverty, hunger, gender equality, women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability, local partnerships, the promotion of the area as an eco-tourism destination, the insurgency, conflict and ageing.


Income Generation and Support

Tiger Tops have initiated income generation programs such as agricultural training and traditional handicraft revival programs. Mats hand-printed by a local women’s group are sold in the TharuLodge shop. The women benefit directly from the income generated, while a portion of the sales go back into the Community Development Fund.

Karnali Lodge also provided two local women income support and independence bydistributing sewing machines. One of the women was a victim of the Maoist conflict.

Hygiene Campaigns

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge coordinates regular hygiene campaigns for local villagers. Topics covered include sanitation, health, and community clean up.

Annual Eye Check Ups

Annual eye check ups are provided for all students/staff at the Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School, SinghaNath School, DurgaBhawani School and Majhi School thanks to a generous guest.


The Village and Parsa Clinics

The Village Clinic for Locals provides free medicine and treatment sessions by trained Community Medical Assistance (CMA) who are available 24/7 for medical emergencies. Tharu Lodge also provides an ambulance service and administers a medical fund for villagers who can’t afford expensive surgery or hospitalisation. The Jungle Lodge constructed the Tiger Tops Parsa Clinic 16 years ago and funded staff training. It continues to support the annual running of the clinic.