TTSA Free School for underpriviledged children

The Tiger Tops Swissair School is a joint project between Tiger Tops and Swissair Staff Fund for Children in Need. It offers a free head start for children from disadvantaged families, and funding for their onward education in government schools. The programme covers health care, two meals/day, uniforms, and supplies. In return, the parents work in the school’s organic garden to grow vegetables for the children’s meals, giving them a sense of involvement and a new skill they can use at home to improve family nutrition.



Village library programme at
TTSA Pre School

Village Library Programme at TTSA Pre School sponsors Saturday reading, art, music and drama for all village children and conservation lectures and programmes for other local schools. The sessions are supervised by older students who have graduated from the TTSA School.

The Duff Kennedy Scholarship Programme

The Duff Kennedy Scholarship Programme finances Government school education of older children from poor families. Over 200 children have benefited from the program. We are proud that two graduates have returned as teachers/tutors, and one writes school textbooks. Duff Kennedy students also supervise the Saturday Library Programme.


Community School Support

Since 1999, Tharu Lodge has been able to deliver community school support through the generosity of guests. This has meant that teachers’ salaries in 3 community schools have been assured. Tiger Tops has thus been able to reach out annually to 350 more students than its own free pre-school for underprivileged children.

Conservation through Education

Conservation through Education was the vision of MTN’s founder, Col. Jimmy Roberts. Through the efforts of the World Pheasant Association (WPA) UK/JOMR Memorial Fund, an ex Gurkha friend, and MTN guests, schools along MTN’s Himalayan trekking routes are the beneficiaries of help and support. This includes 10 kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, and recently the construction in Ghachok of the first ‘Plus 2’ school in the valley. Thus, students in this area who wish to continue their education no longer have to leave home and move to larger cities.

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Epal is a sharing and learning relationship between Shree Jagadamba and Sacred Heart Primary School, a British Primary School in Kathmandu. The exchange between students focuses on community, culture, the environment, family and friends.

People and Places

People and Places is a UK based responsible volunteers organisation that places training teachers at the local Durga Bhawani School to assist staff with English instruction. Their approach is respectful, sustainable, long-term and responds to real needs. Tiger Tops assists in these placements and ensures both the volunteer and school teachers benefit from this exchange.

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Two Month Nature Guide Training Course

Plans are underway to conduct a 2-month nature guide Training Course to create opportunities for local youth in the eco-tourism industry. Through receivingin-depth knowledge on all aspects of nature and nature guiding, local youth will be in a better position to work in the local area.