Confirmation of booking
All bookings are made in good faith. Once we have received your booking we will send you an invoice giving payment details. In most cases we will require an advance deposit in order to hold your booking on a secure basis with the balance to be paid prior to your arrival in Nepal.
Cancellation policy
Arrangements may be cancelled at any time but the cancellation should be communicated to us in writing. Since cancellation incurs administrative costs, we will retain any deposit paid and in addition will apply cancellation charges as follows. We strongly advise that you have insurance cover against cancellation.
Period before departure Sum of cancellation charge within which written shown as a percentage of cancellation is received the package price
More than 60 days Deposit only
31-60 days 50%
15-30 days 75%
Less than 15 days 100%
Price increases
Any unforeseen cost increases beyond our control will be passed on directly to the guest whenever such increases occur. This could include (but is not limited to) such items as airfares, fuel costs, government taxes, currency exchange variations, etc.
In some cases, an increase might also be applicable if group numbers drop below the originally costed number.
Change of itinerary
We reserve the right to change or alter any itinerary at any time for reasons beyond our control. These could include but are not limited to adverse weather conditions, cancellation of flights or government restrictions in certain areas. Whenever we are forced to make such late changes, we will always endeavour to give guests as much advance notice as possible and to ensure that the alternate itinerary achieves, insofar as possible, the objectives of the original tour.
Passports and visas
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your expected date of departure from Nepal. You will also require an entry visa for Nepal.
We advise you to obtain a tourist visa from your nearest Nepalese Embassy before travelling. However, if this is inconvenient, then a visa can be obtained on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu on payment of the following fees (subject to change):
a/ Multiple entry for 15 days US$25.00
b/ Multiple entry for 30 days US$40.00
c/ Multiple entry for 90 days US$100.00
Forms are available in the arrival lounge and you will need to bring one passport-size photograph along with the exact current visa fee in cash (preferably in US Dollars). We recommend having small denomination notes as change will not be given. Please check with us at Adventure Travel if you have any queries. If you are going for a trek, you will need two passport photos for your trek permit, in addition to visa photos.
For Tibet, we will advise you on the actual process at the time of booking. Note that for travel in Tibet, rules and regulations change arbitrarily and suddenly. Please note that if travelling to Tibet via Nepal then it is essential to have a double entry Nepal visa.
Passport photographs
Extra passport photographs if carried along come in handy when you need to get permits, visas etc.
Trekking permits
A Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) permit is obligatory for trekking in Nepal. To obtain this, we need your passport details and one passport size photograph. We will obtain your trekking permit and will give it to you in Kathmandu.
On most international flights each person is allowed 44lbs (20kg) of check-in baggage on an economy ticket but this varies depending on the airline and the country that you are travelling from (the allowance is more for clients travelling from the USA). In addition, you may take into the cabin with you a carry-on bag (which must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the over-head lockers) and a few smaller items such as a lady’s handbag, walking stick, small camera, etc. Do not on any account carry in your hand luggage knives, scissors, bottled water, hand cream etc or any item that could be taken to be an offensive weapon. Once confiscated, they are usually impossible to reclaim.
Domestic flights allow only 15 kg of check-in baggage and a maximum of 5kg as hand carry.