Spring At Tiger Tops

Spring has arrived down here at the Tiger tops. The days are getting warmer and the birds are singing, we will be expecting all the flowers to bloom very soon. Many of the guests are enjoying wonderful picnic lunches in the jungle as it gives them a great chance to experience the jungle first hand and can be the best way to see the wild life and learn about the habitat that we have in Chitwan. Our tented camp is really benefiting from the warmer weather sitting out early evening gives you the chance to enjoy the wonderful views across the park and even the chance to see the mountains. Tiger tops has long had a reputation for its high level of naturalists between all of them , they tip over 100 year’s worth of experience. They are able to give you a unique insight into the wildlife in the park and also piece together how the jungle world works. Understanding the sounds of the jungle is just as important and exciting as actually seeing the wildlife. We are bombarded with many sounds all meaning different things, from alarm calls to mating calls. In the evening the naturalists are more than happy to show their unique footage that they have collected over the years and explain the importance of our research and data that we have collected .We believe in educating our guests at Tiger Tops as through educating we believe Chitwan will remain a jewel of Nepal.

Kate West