Elephant Keeping

Tiger Tops has 13 elephants living at the lodge and they are very much part of the Tiger Tops family. The elephants all have three designated men who give them round the clock care if need be. Twelve of the elephants are female and we have one male, Samsheer gaj, who is very much the boss. Our elephant camp is East of the lodge.All the keepers sleep just feet away from the elephants. The keepers all have a very close relationship with their elephants. It is surprising but the elephants will only respond to their keeper. They are exceptionally clever creatures.

Sandra kali is our baby elephant she is just six years old, Hira kali her mother still lives with us. Sandra kali’s father is a wild elephant called Romeo. He certainly lived upto his name. He appeared from the eastern side of the park, however we no longer see him but another wild elephant has appeared who comes under the name of Valentino. His name was given as he was first spotted two years ago on Valentines Day. Sandra Kali is exceptional playful, and has a cheeky personality particularly when it comes to feeding time. All the elephants are very protective of her and enjoy her company. She enjoys it immensely when we have our elephant afternoons for the guests. I am told she is quite a little show off and is fully aware of all the attention she receives. She certainly gets more treats then the other elephants. She is set to be one of the stars at Elephant polo as she is very quick and she certainly enjoys the thrill of the sport. We often see her out grass cutting leading the way. Nobin and Dillip her keepers, love looking after her and always seem to be fooling around with her whenever they can! Our keepers are all up by 5 when their day starts, first it’s the followed by cleaning the stables. Sandra Kali is now eating 8 kilos of rice a day which is still half the amount of her elders. We are very lucky to have such a boyant little elephant living with us here in the jungle.

Kate West