Tiger Tops Celebrating 50 Years

50 Years on.

2014 marks the 50th year for the Tiger Tops group. Since 1964, the group has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism in Nepal. In addition to supporting a wide range of local programs, Tiger Tops has created its own community and wildlife projects throughout the country. These focus on health, education, and conservation, and illustrate a concern for the environmental and human needs that exist where its lodges, camps and trekking routes are located.

Not only does 2014 mark a very special anniversary but the group has an expectant new arrival. In July 2012, a young wild bull came into the Tiger Tops Jungle lodge stables to court our 30-year-old domestic female, Ram Kali; consequently the field staff nicked named the Wild Elephant ‘Valentino’. Ram Kali continued her day-to-day workings and it was only a few months later that her keepers noticed that in fact she was actually pregnant. An Asian Elephants Gestation period is approximately 22 months, Ram Kali’s due date is therefore sometime in the month of May 2014. The mahouts predict towards the end of the first week, but it is extremely hard to tell. For the first three months, the young calf will be unsteady on her feet and rely entirely on her mother’s milk. Six months later he or she will become independent and slowly begin to take on fodder and grasses as done in the wild.

Given the nature of the occasion, the Tiger Tops group is offering special packages down at both Karnali and Tharu lodge (see flyer below). At Karnali, guests will have the opportunity to spend some time with Ram Kali as she prepares for motherhood, interact with the mahouts and learn about the journey of the new arrival and how the young calf will fit into the domestic heard. April and May is also an exceptional time of year for Tiger sightings down in Bardia national park.

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