Jimmy Roberts History

“1964: How it all began – the founding of Mountain Travel”

By the late Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Roberts LVO, MBE, MC
Postscript by Lisa Choegyal

Charming, brash and truly insightful, this article written by Col. Jimmy Roberts, details his experience as the founder of Mountain Travel, the first trekking company in Nepal that began operations in 1964. Roberts candidly explains early expeditions in India and Tibet as a young Gurkha Officer in the British Army stationed on the Subcontinent. From there, this passion for mountaineering grew to near obsession, until he was finally allowed into Nepal 1950 for a joint expedition in the Annapurna Ranges. That decade, described as the “golden age of climbing and exploration in Nepal” affirmed Robert’s passion for the mountains, and the rest is, well, history.

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